Environmental impact

Medicality Suites; Her Health and Aesthetics Environmental sustainability

Healthcare delivery involves the use of single-use products and generates significant volumes of non-recyclable waste. This is necessary to maintain infection control and patient safety, but carries a large environmental burden.
Our clinic is working towards waste reduction and currently implements the following strategies:

  • The use of autoclavable metal instruments
  • Purchasing biodegradable products when available (eg gloves, towels, bags and absorbent pads)
  • Choosing paper packaging over plastic
  • Minimising paper use via electronic medical records e-prescribing and reducing fax communication
  • Purchasing recycled paper products
  • Reducing unnecessary tests and investigations
  • Reducing travel by using telehealth consultations
  • Subscribing to a renewable energy electricity provider
  • Participating in recycling programmes
  • Reducing incineration by correctly identifying hazardous (versus non-contaminated) clinical waste
  • The use of low-energy lighting
  • Time restricted heating and cooling

We will keep abreast of research in recycling of clinical waste which offers promise of safe plastic re-use.