Practice Policy

In 2022 Dr French realised that the only way to help women stay well is to have the time to understand their needs. The traditional medical model of 10-15 minute consultations creates time pressures which may lead to unsatisfactory outcomes whenever emotions are involved.  Moving away from this model and allowing time to explore women’s health concerns, facilitates more effective healthcare. Sadly the traditional model rewards brief encounters, with Medicare rebates reducing proportional to time spent with patients. The only way to sustain a practice that facilitates psychosocial impact of health and spend more time with patients is to increase gap payments.

Dr French holds multiple subspecialist qualifications and has been working with women for twenty years. She provides patient-centred care with knowledge and adaptability that only years of diverse experience can offer. Her fees reflect her experience and skill. We believe this represents good value, as consultations should be fewer in number to achieve your health outcomes.

Our clinic is open to women who have a GP of their own, who are seeking advice about peri/menopause, contraception including IUDs and subdermal implants (‘the rod’), endometriosis, medical termination of pregnancy, managing periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, vulval symptoms, and more challenging women’s health problems.

Pairing women’s healthcare with aesthetic treatments is an effective and rewarding way to meet women’s needs and maintain confidence through each adult life phase. Our focus is on maintaining the face you know, preserving collagen and fundamental skin characteristics, minimising the need for future ‘rejuvenation’ that may alter appearance. Our product offerings are focused on evidence-based treatments that aim for lasting benefits.


HotDoc is our preferred platform for booking appointments. Please go to here.

We have additional urgent appointments that are not visible on HotDoc. Please call (02) 5117 4200 if you have an urgent or semi-urgent concern.

Appointment times are a minimum of 20 minutes, and may be as long as an hour. We recommend the following:

Initial peri/menopause consultation: 40 minutes

Initial general women’s health consultation: 30 minutes (not available via HotDoc)

Review consultation: 20 minutes

Urgent consultation: 20 minutes

Initial aesthetic consultations: 20 minutes

Aesthetic procedures: 20 minutes to 1 hour

We have urgent appointments that are not visible on our booking platform ‘HotDoc’. Please call (02) 5117 4200 if you have an urgent or semi-urgent concern.

A $100 fee will be charged for patients who do not attend their appointment. Please cancel your appointment more than 4 hours before your booked time to avoid this fee.

Prescription requests

Prescription renewals are available without consultation if the prescribing doctor is satisfied that no review is required. These are accessed via Hot Doc under ‘Repeat prescription’. This is our only accepted method as it provides greater patient safety.

A nominal fee of $24 will be charged for this service. In some circumstances the doctor may waive the fee (such as substitution due to medication shortages or to correct an error). Please add a comment to your request if you believe this applies to you.

Telephone or email requests for repeat prescriptions will not be processed.

Repeat referral requests

Renewals of referrals to specialists are available without consultation if the referring doctor is satisfied that no review is required. These are accessed via Hot Doc under ‘Repeat referral’, A nominal fee of $32 will be charged for this service.

Consultation fees

Regular GP patients who are registered to the practice under My Medicare will receive primary care rates, which are not specified below. These are available on request.

Telehealth and face-to-face appointments attract the same fees. Rebates may not be available for all telehealth or telephone consultations. Medicare sets, and periodically changes, eligibility to these rebates.

Our practice is currently open to casual patients who access the clinic for GP specialist services relating to women’s reproductive and peri/menopausal health, and aesthetic care.

Consultation type Duration (minutes) Up-front cost Medicare rebate Out-of pocket
Peri/menopause initial 40 $260 $118 $132
Brief new-patient (non-menopause) 30 $180 $80 $100
Extended length 60 $375 $191 $169
Review 20 $150 $80 $60
Telehealth pre-procedure or results 10 Bulk billed if eligible not applicable $0
Skin check (Dr Thakkar) 20 $180 no Medicare rebate $180
IUD*insertion/replacement 40 $360/$390 $163 $197/$227
IUD removal 20 $180 $80 $100
Implanon® insertion/removal/replacement 20 $160/$190/$210 $74/$98/$131 $86/$92/$79
Aesthetic initial 20 $150 not applicable deducted from procedure cost
Aesthetic procedure standard 30 variable not applicable variable
Aesthetic procedure long 60 variable not applicable variable

*= Intrauterine device, and includes Mirena®, Kyleena ® and copper

Healthcare card holders, pensioners and full-time students (student ID required) attract a 20% discount. Please ensure you inform reception staff at the time of payment if this applies to you.