Acne is a common but potentially debilitating condition of the skin. Effective management of active inflammatory acne includes topical (on the skin) treatments and prescription medications from a GP or a dermatology specialist. As a doctor-led clinic we can offer effective medical management of acne and appropriate referrals where required.

Treating the scars resulting from acne may take various forms. These include surgical subcision, laser, light therapies, Rejuvan ®, radio-frequency microneedling (Divine Pro), other energy-based devices, microneedling, mesotherapy, platelet rich plasma, chemical peels or combinations of treatments.

The choice of treatment will depend on the type of scarring, budget and patient preferences. Preventing scarring is the priority in acne management, so seeking early treatment is encouraged.

For patients prescribed oral retinoids, Rejuran ® is a safe scar treatment. It is usually recommended that energy based treatments are deferred until several months after oral retinoids have ceased.


This inflammatory skin condition has features in common with acne and dermatitis. Often appearing at mid-life rosacea can be mistaken for acne, dermatitis or sun damage. Rosacea is a result neovascular abnormalities and skin immune dysregulation.

Treating the broken blood vessels of rosacea with laser alone has been shown to incompletely treat the condition. Management of rosacea may include prescription and non-prescription topical products, oral prescribed medications and a variety of aesthetic modalities such as laser, LED, Rejuran ®, radiofrequency microneedling (Divine Pro), platelet rich plasma, mesotherapy, microneedling, chemical peels or combinations of treatments.

As a doctor-led clinic we are able to offer prescription and aesthetic treatments to manage rosacea.