Men’s Aesthetic Care

Our clinic offers a calm and inviting clinic for men to access aesthetic treatments. Common concerns for men are hair loss, facial ageing and body shape. We offer a consultation service to help men navigate the treatment options and develop a customised treatment plan.

Hair restoration

Androgenic (or male pattern) hair loss is a common experience. It reflects a genetic (inherited) sensitivity of the hair follicle (root) to the circulating male hormones. There are other causes of male hair loss and your examination will explore these. In your consultation about hair loss you will discover that we can help prevent further hair loss and regain growth, improving your appearance.

Hair restoration services include:

  • Consultations to diagnose the cause of hair loss
  • Prescription medications
  • Advice regarding over-the-counter medications
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections to stimulate hair growth and re-activate miniaturising hairs

Facial rejuvenation

All of our skin rejuvenation treatments are equally beneficial to men as women, with improvements seen after just one treatment of the Divine Pro, for example. Services include:

  • Skin resurfacing (radiofrequency +/- dermabrasion)
  • Deep skin volumising (increase collagen production for more youthful appearance)
  • Skin crease and wrinkle reduction using botulinum toxin, PDO threads
  • Facial augmentation using dermal filler

Body shaping

Dissatisfaction with one’s body shape is a surprisingly more common than dissatisfaction with facial appearance. The Pollogen Maximus uses radiofrequency and dynamic muscle activation to mobilise fat and change the contour of the body. Ideal if you are close to your target weight, this device can help take centimetres off your waistline and improve your appearance. It is much more comfortable than other methods, and requires no down-time. Results are visible immediately and improve with a series of treatments.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a popular method for augmenting the facial appearance. We have selected our dermal fillers for their quality, performance and safety. Understanding the properties of fillers and correct applications is crucial in producing a pleasing result.

During your pre-treatment planning consultation we will discuss your aspirations and customise a treatment plan. Dermal fillers are used for facial enhancements, transformations, and scar correction. Procedures include chin and jaw definition, cheekbone enhancements, feature lips, and facial smoothing.